In line with its objective to provide an integrated scope of services that would enhance the transport and its related infrastructure, TIFFA today has four business units.

           - which operate a coordinated fleet of freight vehicles covering the whole of Thailand. The fleet includes pick-up trucks, 6 and 10 wheelers, flat-beds, low-beds and trailers. It provides its clients with cost effective prices as well as value-added services such as full final destination liability insurance coverage.

          - an academic institute that provides both theoretical and practical training on international transport and business, set up to upgrade the level of knowledge and expertise in the field of transport.

          - which provides integrated services for importers, exporters, freight forwarders and carriers for full operational function. TIFFA ICD has been granted a 10-year concession from the State Railway of Thailand to operate and manage this facility as one of the most active terminals in Bangkok.

          - again with its vision to keep up with the times, TIFFA concepted this business unit to leverage their networks with Internet-based technologies, thus taking freight forwarding in Thailand to its next wave of growth. Providing a whole range of Internet-related application services, TIFFA EDI is better poised to address the challenges of local freight forwarding business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) markets.


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